A Dilli - Mumbai Love Story

ISBN: 978-93-80349-33-6

Format: Paperback and eBook

Page No.: 232

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A Dilli - Mumbai Love Story

by Abhimanyu Jha

2008- the year in which the world became poorer and India less safer, there was a couple passionately in love. – Aniruddh and Apu.
“My Ducati and my 6’1” height was enough to impress or scare most people. I didn’t want to bring my IQ in on top of that”. - Aniruddh.
“Not a word more. I am Aparajita…remember? The unbeatable”. – Apu.
“If you were to stay forever in the way you died, how would you want to did ?”
“Kissing you”.
Aniruddh, a Ducati riding, economics loving dude studying in St. Stephen’s College.
And Apu – a girl from Goa who loves roadside food and super large ear rings. Opposites in a lot of ways, they for each other the instant they met.
But then on a pleasant November night, when India was going to sleep, Aniruddh’s love for his saanwli mamsaab met a terrifying enemy…

Meet the Author


Abhimanyu Jha

Abhimanyu (Abhi) writes about men and women falling in love, and then running into people who wouldn�t let them live happily ever after. While also running Talent Bridge, www.talentbridge.co.in, he plans to write more till the world needs such saving, catch him @ abhimanyujha.com, Twitter (4abhimanyu), facebook.com/4abhimanyu or abhimanyu.jha@gmail.com.